Set Sail, Rock On

The KISS Kruise provided an unforgettable, community-based concert experience at sea. Dive into our work for a taste of this rock legend’s nautical endeavors.

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Sixthman tears down the walls between artists and fans by taking the stage to the sea. One of the most notable cruise series, The KISS Kruise, brought the iconic rock band KISS on deck for a high-seas rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza.

For each voyage, we created the key art — combining direction and inspiration from KISS with our own creative flair and rockshow spirit. Each year’s key art is a treasure map to excitement and unforgettable experiences for fans and the band alike.

Take a look at our KISStory:

Sixthman sailed with The KISS Kruise for eleven years, and we designed killer key art for every voyage, always portraying the rockin’ essence of the band and the good times ahead.

Let the music and the waves carry you and… LIVE LOUD!

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