Savor the Scene

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 shutdowns, it became clear that small businesses were going to be greatly impacted. When local spots were having to shut their doors to stay open, what would happen to the local food & beverage scene?

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The Hub Augusta Splash - White, Black and Yellow

We were inspired to create a central online gathering place. This would be somewhere locals could learn how to support local businesses, without having to sift through the social media noise.

Woman browsing The Hub Augusta website on a tablet

The Hub Augusta – A complete visual brand, responsive website, and an informative social media presence.

The Hub Augusta Platform Showcase

“The HUB Augusta platform for Augusta’s small businesses is the perfect marketing tool. It gives Augusta’s hospitality industry the strength and the ability to speak with one voice.”

– Brad Usry, President, Fat Man’s Hospitality Group

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