A Mighty Fine Hootenanny For All

Papa Joe’s Banjo-B-Que is an annual festival of Americana music, unique craft-vendors, BBQ, beer, and fun. Our challenge: to create a comprehensive brand for Banjo-B-Que from scratch that could evolve and flourish into a destination music festival.

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BanjoBque Photo Collage

We set the stage with influential messaging and design elements that would be used for years to come. Every year we provide unique art for print, interactive marketing, environmental application, and promotional materials.

BanjoBque Merchandise Display with Guitar
BanjoBque Passses
BanjoBque Passses and Pocket Guide
Woman drinking from a BanjoBque Koozie while wearing BanjoBque hat
BanjoBque Pocket Guide and Hat displayed on a table
BanjoBque Direction Posters
Man holding Red BanjoBque Poster
Silver Addy Reward being held in front of a BanjoBque poster
BanjoBque postser showing a pig playing a banjo and smoking a cigar while sitting on a bass drum
BanjoBque Photo Collage Two
BanjoBque Stage Front

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