A Funky Good Time

Read on to discover how we crafted an immersive new visual brand and marketing campaign paying homage to James Brown, The Godfather of Soul.

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Augusta Entertainment Wall Design

The Augusta Entertainment Complex, made up of the Bell Auditorium and the James Brown Arena, approached Kruhu for help with a marketing campaign. On the brink of exciting changes, they were looking to generate interest in upcoming shows and events. This venture quickly evolved into a visual re-brand with a witty campaign along with environmental outfitting of the James Brown Arena.

Augusta Entertainment VIP Tag
Augusta Entertainment Billboard

Kruhu needed to develop a visual brand and marketing campaign that complimented both venues and clearly communicate the overall attitude of the Augusta Entertainment Complex. Once those items were complete, we would design environmental signage for the James Brown Arena that would enhance patrons’ experience in the venue.

Augusta Entertainment Wall Design - Bring It On
James Brown Arena Door Designs - Feel Good
Augusta Entertainment Wall Design
Augusta Entertainment Wall Design - Get On Up
James Brown Arena Wall Design

An exciting new visual brand and marketing campaign encompassing both venues, as well as immersive and social media-worthy environments in the James Brown Arena paying homage to its namesake, The Godfather of Soul.

Entertainment Animated Logo
Chris Rucker standing in front of James Brown Arena

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