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Aiken Regional Medical Centers approached us to produce a video campaign to roll out with their new visual brand. This was the perfect opportunity to pair one of our favorite clients with one of our favorite creative partners – the video dream team: Cineloco.

Art DirectionCopywritingMarketing CampaignVideography

We needed to tell the story of what it means to be an ‘Aikenite’ – and the role that Aiken Regional Medical Centers plays in serving the Aiken County community.

A man and woman dancing at a wedding
Aiken Regional Medical Centers GIF - A couple talking on the couch, a group of bicycle enthusiasts
A woman and her infant buying produce at a farmer's market
A man walking into a hangar with his plane behind him
Aiken Regional Medical Centers GIF - A family in a swimming pool, a father and son golfing
A couple expressing happiness reading a document together
A man timing a race horse at the tracks
Aiken Regional Medical Centers GIF - A man timing a horse's speed, an elderly couple in rocking chairs on their porch
A couple with their dog, jeep, and kayaks

The video campaign rolled out to the public at an event hosted by Aiken Center for the Arts. After a wonderful reception, the commercial began airing on television and radio. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community, Marketing Director, and CEO of Aiken Regional.

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