Walton Options Capital Campaign

Proposal presented by Kruhu

Phase 1
Where it all Begins

We like to ask questions face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) that allow us to understand you, your team, your goals, hopes, wildest dreams, etc. This time together will also help us understand the driving force of passion behind your brand and campaign so we can become passionate about it too! That’s the secret to good design and successful partnerships. 

Simultaneously, we will begin analyzing your Feasibility Study and conducting various avenues of research to determine the best strategies to achieve your goals.

On-Site Tour
This gives our team the opportunity to explore the past, present, and future of your brand and visualize its success. The tour will allow us to better understand Walton Options and the people behind it more personally.

Past Campaign Analysis
This analysis will help uncover past successes, failures, struggles, etc. in an effort to aid our future strategy.

Current Donors
We’ll review current and past donors to determine successful strategies and opportunities for increased/recurring donors.

Ideal Donors
We’ll evaluate your current donor base and goals to establish a strategic plan to reach and retain ideal donors. 

Competitor Research
We’ll examine other non-profits that occupy a similar space as Walton Options and analyze strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within their strategy, marketing, branding, and fundraising efforts.

Deliverables: We will present our findings to you as well as our suggested next steps. We can provide all data in a printed document or digital file. As with anything we create for you, this includes full rights to own and use all pieces, along with secure storage and organization of all files on our server.

Phase 2
Branding is the Essential Ingredient

A firm and well-thought-out brand for your campaign is the foundation upon which every touchpoint of communication with your audience will launch. From visuals, messaging and strategic implementation, a consistent brand assures all applications and direction are intentional and effective. 

The Name
Establishing a creative, unique, and accurate name for your campaign is an essential step to laying the groundwork for how it will function both visually and culturally. Using information gathered in the discovery phase, our team will create and present up to three name concepts. The resulting name will begin to communicate the campaign’s mission, attributes, and vision.

Visual Mark
Beyond the name, the visual mark often serves as the first impression of your branded campaign and makes a significant impact on public perception. As such, a visual mark is one of the most important branding investments you can make. It encapsulates reason, creates association, and establishes loyalty in what your campaign represents. It also clears the path for all other visual communication.

From information gathered in the previous Discovery phase, we will craft and present two unique logos for the Capital Campaign. The logo concepts will be designed to be complementary to the existing Walton Options Brand and amplify awareness for the Case for Support.

Visual Brand Standards Guide
Consistent application of the Campaign’s visual brand (logo, fonts, colors, etc.) across multiple mediums is a crucial component to its integrity. Adhering to application standards ensures consistency, preservation, and excellence in all visual communication, and it builds brand recognition and loyalty.

We will craft a Visual Brand Standards Guide for the capital campaign, showcasing proper logo applications, complementary typography and fonts, color palettes, and proper logo usage such as in email signatures and on various campaign collateral.

Brand Message Platform
Establishing a clear message is essential for every brand, setting it up for success and equipping it to move forward with confidence. A holistic Brand Message Platform will affirm this campaign’s role to current and potential donors, and the community at large by outlining the campaign’s Archetype(s), Donor Personas, Tone of Voice, Mission, Vision, Brand Promise, Positioning Statement, Brand Culture, and Slogan.

Based on information gathered in the Discovery phase, we will craft a comprehensive internal guide communicating each item listed to create internal accountability and consistency in all communication and messaging associated with the campaign.

Elements of a Brand Message Platform

Archetype – This will set the stage for all resulting qualities and expressions of your brand. There are 12 recognized archetypes throughout history; we’ll identify one (or a combination) that represents your brand. 

Tone of Voice – This is the style, manner, and language you use to express every aspect of your brand based on and around the archetype. 

Slogan – While not as permanent as a Tagline, the slogan we develop will convey the tone and feeling of your services and specific marketing effort. Slogans can evolve and be catered to specific audiences.  

Mission/Vision – We’ll help you narrow your focus for this project by developing clear and concise mission and vision statements.

Brand Promise – This bold and short statement communicates your value and experience along with what your audience can expect from you. Promises are steadfast and become a major component to attracting loyalty internally as well as externally.

Positioning Statement – This statement outlines exactly what you do, for whom, and what makes you different.

Brand Culture – This will activate and permeate Walton Options’ core values into the campaign and establish a united effort to move the needle with involvement, ownership and dedication. 

Donor Personas – To effectively market to your target audience, we’ll research and help develop representative models to better understand your ideal donors and their key traits: demographics, motivations, likes, dislikes, etc.

Deliverables: You will receive a digital Logo Package containing all file types, iterations, and color variations of the logo. You will also receive the Visual Brand Standards Guide and Brand Message Platform as printable PDF files. As with anything we create for you, this includes full rights to own and use all pieces, along with secure storage and organization of all files on our server.

Phase 3
Clarity – Intent – Action

Behind every successful campaign is a detailed gameplan mapping out the best funnels to reach, captivate, and motivate your target audience. Developing a strategic plan organizes and focuses efforts so that budgets, time, and energy are utilized to their fullest potential. Through creative implementation of a spectrum of services, we will execute a successful, measurable, and memorable campaign.  

Campaign Strategy

With thorough planning and collaboration with you, we’ll create a solid strategic roadmap that will be vital to the overall integrity and success of your campaign. 

Avenues of Communication
Our team will determine the most effective means of generating awareness and action for the campaign. Avenues may include but are not limited to video, outdoor/environmental applications, print advertising, TV and radio advertising, direct mail, and digital interactive/social media advertising. 

Active Calendar
Communication and accountability are extremely important to ensuring a smooth and effective campaign. We will work with your team to determine launch dates, benchmarks, frequency, goals, and deadlines for all aspects of campaign marketing and deliverables.  

Deliverables: You will receive a detailed Strategic Marketing Plan complete with a calendar for execution. The Plan will be provided in a digital format and the calendar will be created and maintained on an online platform so it can evolve as needed. The client will have access to view the calendar to ensure accountability and efficiency. As with anything we create for you, this includes full rights to own and use all pieces, along with secure storage and organization of all files on our server.

Phase 4
The Rollout

We will combine all the branding elements and strategies developed through creative collaboration to execute all facets of the campaign. This is where fun meets function.

Marketing Materials

Producing branded marketing content and materials that can be used across multiple mediums is paramount to educating the donor and creating recognition in the community. Kruhu will design printed and digital marketing materials that creatively and effectively communicate the message of the campaign.

Collateral pieces of all kinds are important components that communicate your campaign as well as generate action and reaction to your cause. Your Visual Brand Standards Guide and Brand Message Platform ensure consistent execution in all materials from informative pieces to strategic positioning pieces.

Print pieces may include but are not limited to:

  • Case for Support
  • Pledge Cards
  • Brochure/Booklet
  • Letterhead & Envelopes 
  • Donor Cards
  • Posters
  • Accessibility Promo Items: pop sockets, lanyards, etc.
  • Guerilla Marketing Items: stickers, installations, signage, etc.
  • Apparel: shirts, hats, etc.

The stories that are woven into the fabric of your campaign’s mission and vision are extremely compelling and powerful assets of communication. Our film partners, Cineloco, are master craftsmen behind the lens. They infuse our direction and the campaign’s brand initiatives to captivate your audience by producing incredible videos that are not only memorable but extremely measurable. The Cineloco team are also our officemates and members of our creative think tank.

Campaign Website
We’ll build a one-page scrolling website complementary to your campaign efforts that will act as a hub of information for potential donors. Features and functions to be included but not limited to:

  • Important information: Case for Support, Mission, Vision, etc.
  • Link to securely give online (through Give Lively system) plus other avenues for donation
  • Updates on campaign progress
  • Ability to recognize significant donors
  • Interactive goal monitor
  • Accessibility features
  • AIRA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) – HTML tags that will make dynamic content accessible for screen readers
  • SEO Implementaion to increase targeted website traffic and search engine ranking
  • Analytics and Reporting to monitor and analyze website traffic and functionality.

Involvement requires interaction. Interaction produces results. The digital and social realms are the light-speed champions for your campaign, and we believe that real-time measurables are a great way to maximize efforts in getting effective exposure. Our strategy expands your reach to generate results.

Services and assets to be included but not limited to:

  • Social Media Assets
  • Profile Pictures
  • Campaign Graphics (for feeds and stories)
  • Custom Facebook Frames
  • Custom Instagram Stickers
  • Interactive Content: polls, quizzes, etc.
  • User Generated Content
  • Email Campaigns
  • Paid, targeted advertising
  • Renderings
  • Animation
  • Photography
  • Vignette Video 

Deliverables: You will receive branded print and digital marketing pieces that adhere to the Visual Brand Standards Guide as well as the Brand Message Platform, according to the Strategic Marketing Plan. As with anything we create for you, this includes full rights to own and use all pieces, along with secure storage and organization of all files on our server.

We look forward to being an extension of your team.

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