I’m Still Here.

Aiken Regional Medical Centers
C.O.N.G.O.W. Campaign | Cardio

The Feel:

Tender  |  Confident  |  Empathetic  |  Sophisticated

The Story We Want To Tell:

Life is full of precious moments. Moments that make life worth living. We want to portray the point of view of a patient who has received cardiac care at ARMC. Short vignettes of memories of the person’s life flash before the audiences eyes and are intertwined with shots of doctors and nurses in the CATH lab urgently saving the persons life. Ending with the patient in recovery, healthy and surrounded by their loved ones.

How We’ll Tell The Story:

We want this commercial to have the ideal blend of emotion & sophistication. Filled with heart tugging moments while displaying the lifesaving skills and technology provided by Aiken Regional Medical Centers.

Possible Tagline:

“Thanks to the skilled hands at Aiken Regional…I’m Still Here.”

Cardio Reference Frames

Aiken Regional Medical Center - Photo Collage

Neuro Reference Frames

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